Upholstery Cleaning

Let’s face it having a clean and great looking living room is important to all of us. No one wants to sit in a dirty, dusty chair to relax for the night in front of the T.V. And most importantly at the end of the day you’ve probably invested a lot of money into your furniture and upholstery in your home.


The fact is dirty upholstery keeps dust, allergens and microorganisms harbouring within. So it’s no surprise having clean upholstery is actually more healthy for you?


Here’s why ?


The truth is not cleaning your couches and other upholstery can be associated with putting you and your family at risk. Health problems such as breathing problems, allergies and even cases of eczema have been reported to be caused by dirty upholstery. And when looking at the facts it’s no wonder. Our comfortable lounge chairs are actually a perfect breeding ground for bacteria or mould which both have been associated with health issues.


But the biggest problem we hear people complain about all the time are those little bed bugs causing us to itch.  Yes it’s Bed Bugs they love breeding in your upholstery and what’s worse, they actually spread by attaching themselves to your clothing when you sit on that furniture.


But here’s the good news!


Professional upholstery cleaning services will destroy bed bugs and also other breeding grounds of these little nuisances in parts of your home.


And here’s where Express Dry Carpet Cleaning can help you. While you can try to keep things clean on your own we guarantee that we’ll clean to the depths of your upholstery.


So to take advantage of our services give us a call right now on 0431 189 004