Remove Chocolate Stains

Remove Chocolate Stains

You cannot always keep your carpet safe from stains as stains somehow make their way to appear. One of the worst carpet stains is the chocolate stain.


Chocolate stain is always scary because it is thick, dark and hard. You can remove chocolate stains from carpet using household cleaning products. Here are some tips in this regard:

  • If you see chocolate being spilled on your carpet, do not try to remove it immediately. Let it dry so that it can be broken up easily. After it dries, try to remove as much of dry chocolate as possible with the help of a cake knife. Now vacuum the carpet to remove left over crumbs and flakes.


  • Take your clothing iron out and set it at low non-steam setting. Cover chocolate stain with several layers of paper towel. Iron these paper towels so that dry chocolate becomes soft. This process will make paper towels to absorb the stain.Iron temperature should be kept steady because too much heat will melt the chocolate again. Too low heat will not work to remove stain.


  • Now remove layers of paper towels and replace them with a layer of fresh towels. It is necessary because chocolate will soil the paper towel. Repeat this process until stain is gone.


If you see remaining spot of chocolate on carpet, it may be time to call your local professional carpet cleaner who can remove the remaining chocolate from your carpet.