Removing Red Wine

Removing Red Wine

It doesn’t matter if it has already happened to you or not, it shouldn’t be hard to picture how upsetting it may be if you or somebody accidentally spills red wine on your carpet. Confronting stains on carpet can already be challenging as it is however the removal of red wine stains from carpet is a distinct concern altogether.


What one should keep in mind in this situation is that time is of the essence. Your best bet is to try removing it while the spill is still fresh. Do not wait for it to settle into the fabric because by then it could be too late.


Here are the steps you need to take for removing red wine stains from carpet.


As odd as it may sound, the very first thing you are going to do is to pour white wine on the stain. White wine boasts properties that counteract the chemicals found in the red wine. Even though it isn’t going to make the stain go away, white wine makes it easier for the stain to be eliminated. An alternative to white wine is vodka. Well that’s all very good. But suppose all the liquor is gone? Some other products that perform well to halt the stain from moving deeper under the fibers are salt and club soda.


Once you’ve used any of these, blot the spot with a clean and absorbent towel. Make certain you are blotting instead of rubbing. It’s possible you have heard it one hundred times already but rubbing to clean a stain or spill could be the worst thing you can do. The goal is to get the stain out from the carpet. Rubbing is only going to force it further down.


If you don’t have any White Wine or Vodka available pour some warm water over the stain and blot dry with a towel, then pour a generous amount of salt over the area. Wait a couple hours and vacuum up the salt. Salt acts as an absorbing agent and will draw any moisture and red wine colour from the carpet. Once this process is completed make sure you pour a tiny bit of warm water over the area and once again, blot it with a clean, dry towel.